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Free Online GSTIN Verification tool

Government of India has made it mandatory for businesses to have a registered GSTIN which acts as its legal business identity. The GST act mandates that only those businesses who are registered with the GST Network and have an assigned GSTIN are eligible to charge GST. Since its launch, there have been numerous instances where people have used fake GSTINs towards fraudulent claims. Before you pay GST, learn how to identify a fake GSTIN and verify its authenticity.

Step 1: Understand the Format and Structure

The GSTIN is not just a simple alpha-numeric code. As a first step, it is important for you to know how a GSTIN number is structured and what constitutes the 15 character GSTIN.

Step 2: Verify the GSTIN online instantly

(A) Via GSTN Portal:
Go to GSTN Portal. From the drop down of Search Taxpayers, click on search by GSTIN/UIN, enter the GSTIN number you want to verify, and click on search.

(B) Via SahiGST’s Online GSTIN Verification tool:
You can use the GSTIN search tool on this page (scroll above) and get details of any registered GSTIN. The data is fetched directly from official GSTN servers. You can search details of single GSTIN or upload file to search upto 50 GSTINs with a single search, in seconds.

To understand more about possible GST frauds and to learn in detail how to verify if a business is GST registered, read this blog post. If you are looking for a solution to help you with your GST return filing write to us at